We are Global Chemical Group

Growth is a constant improvement in nature and business

We Drive Growth.

We are committed to help companies to stay ahead of the curve providing innovative logistics for every stage of their production chain.

Main development areas.


Packaging and packaging material

Protective and safety equipment

Agricultural and industrial machinery

About Us.

We are an international enterprise with presence in all American Continent expanding to all around the world with innovative solutions for agroindustrial markets.

We are located in Panamá, TOP 3 country in terms of container terminal efficiency in all the Americas. This enable us to provide a wide network of ports and Free Zones in strategic locations.

Our operations center is located strategically in Panamá Logistic Hub providing a state of the art logistic and competitive business environment for all the globe.


· Balboa Port.
· Panamá International Terminal (PSA).
· Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT).
· Cristóbal – Panamá Ports Company (PPC).
· Colón Container Terminal (CCT).

Free Zones

· Colon Free Trade Zone.
· Panamá Pacific (Howard Air Force Base).