Agricultural and Industrial Machinery.

we are dedicated to providing high-quality agricultural and industrial machinery,

With the firm purpose of boosting the efficiency and productivity

of our clients in the agricultural and industrial sectors

Our commitment is based on offering innovative and personalized solutions that meet the demands and challenges of today’s market, always ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Our wide range of products includes tractors, harvesters, seeders, and various industrial equipment that stand out for their durability, efficiency, and advanced technology.

Each piece of machinery we offer has been carefully selected and tested to ensure optimal performance in various working conditions. Additionally, we maintain strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers worldwide, allowing us to access the latest innovations and trends in the sector.

At Global Chemical Group, we not only provide top-quality machinery but also offer a comprehensive service that includes specialized technical advice, maintenance, and after-sales support. Our team of experts is always available to help our clients choose the right equipment for their specific needs and to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of their activities.


We differentiate ourselves through our customer-centric approach, offering tailored solutions and personalized service that adapts to the individual needs of each business.

We understand that each client is unique, and we strive to establish lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect. This approach has allowed us to establish ourselves as market leaders and be recognized for our excellence and professionalism.

Choosing Global Chemical Group means opting for a company that places quality and customer satisfaction at the core of its strategy. Our mission is to be the trusted partner of our clients, providing them with the tools and support necessary to achieve success in their agricultural and industrial projects. With Global Chemical Group, you can be confident that you are investing in reliable machinery and a team committed to your success.

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Highway and Paths

Highway and Paths

We are located in Panamá, TOP 3 country in terms of container terminal efficiency in all the Americas. This enable us to provide a wide network of ports and Free Zones in strategic locations.

Our operations center is located strategically in Panamá Logistic Hub providing a state of the art logistic and competitive business environment for all the globe.


· Balboa Port.
· Panamá International Terminal (PSA).
· Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT).
· Cristóbal – Panamá Ports Company (PPC).
· Colón Container Terminal (CCT).

Free Zones

· Colon Free Trade Zone.
· Panamá Pacific (Howard Air Force Base).