Packaging and packaging material.

Our company stands out as a leader in the local and international markets, offering high-quality products.

We are committed.

to providing reasonable prices, excellent service, and exceptional customer care.

We offer a wide range of products necessary for preparing your goods, ensuring their protection and temporary grouping to facilitate handling, transportation, and storage. Our materials guarantee the preservation of your cargo’s quality and its safety at every stage of the journey, from your company to the final destination.

We provide everything needed to ensure that your products arrive in perfect condition.

As a consolidated company in the distribution of packaging and wrapping products, we specialize in offering support and solutions for the entire industry, meeting the highest quality standards. Trust us to meet all your packaging and wrapping needs.

Main Products.


Packaging plastics


Scotch tape

We are located in Panamá, TOP 3 country in terms of container terminal efficiency in all the Americas. This enable us to provide a wide network of ports and Free Zones in strategic locations.

Our operations center is located strategically in Panamá Logistic Hub providing a state of the art logistic and competitive business environment for all the globe.


· Balboa Port.
· Panamá International Terminal (PSA).
· Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT).
· Cristóbal – Panamá Ports Company (PPC).
· Colón Container Terminal (CCT).

Free Zones

· Colon Free Trade Zone.
· Panamá Pacific (Howard Air Force Base).