Protection and Safety Equipment.

As a leader in the personal protection equipment market

We orient our value proposition towards service,

technical advice, and a wide range of products and comprehensive solutions aimed at protecting workers and minimizing occupational risks.

At Global Chemical Group, we offer high-quality products and specialized technical advice, committed to providing products that adhere to the highest international certifications. Our purchasing experience is primarily based on the value of customer service and meeting workers’ protection needs, creating, enhancing, and driving new solutions that make work a safe experience.

We provide clothing and devices designed to protect the human body from contact with products used for crop and urban pest protection, thereby reducing human exposure.

We offer a wide variety of products, including coveralls, gloves, aprons, respirators, and goggles.

Different agrochemical products may require different levels of protection; therefore, it is mandatory to follow the recommendations contained on each product label, particularly regarding the use of personal protective equipment.

At Global Chemical Group, we go beyond crop protection; it is also crucial for us to safeguard the integrity of our producers by providing high-quality personal protective equipment. Additionally, we offer safety training sessions that are available to our clients and producers.

Our goal is to offer affordable and certified products to complement our training and field activities, with a strong emphasis on countries where quality and accessibility remain a challenge.

Main Products.

Skin and body protection

Face and eye protection

Hearing protection

Respiratory protection

We are located in Panamá, TOP 3 country in terms of container terminal efficiency in all the Americas. This enable us to provide a wide network of ports and Free Zones in strategic locations.

Our operations center is located strategically in Panamá Logistic Hub providing a state of the art logistic and competitive business environment for all the globe.


· Balboa Port.
· Panamá International Terminal (PSA).
· Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT).
· Cristóbal – Panamá Ports Company (PPC).
· Colón Container Terminal (CCT).

Free Zones

· Colon Free Trade Zone.
· Panamá Pacific (Howard Air Force Base).